How Our Buying Process Works

Sin City Home Buyers - How We Buy Houses Step 1Tell us about your house.

Sin City Home Buyers - How We Buy Houses Step 2If your situation & house meet our buying criteria, we’ll call you to set up an appointment.

Sin City Home Buyers - How We Buy Houses Step 3

We’ll give you the fair price you deserve at no obligation

Sin City Home Buyers - How We Buy Houses Step 4We close the sale at a local trusted title company & get cash in your hand within 7 days

Buying Time Frame: As soon as you get your info over to us by filling out our form, we’ll get back to you with a price to buy within 24 hours. Then, we can close and buy your home in as little as 7 days – or as soon you’d like to make it happen (we’ve given some of our more motivated clients checks within the same day!).

Our Buying Process is Quick And Simple

At Sin City Home Buyers, we make our buying process very simple and help our clients in as little time as possible. This is because it’s our mission to help people in Las Vegas to be able to sell their homes as fast as they would like, and in whatever condition their house is in. Many other companies waste time having to look at the property for cumbersome time frames which just further stretches out the amount of time you’re stressed out about needing to sell your house. Our goal, is to provide a simple and quick experience to our clients where we take the property off their hands, and buy it with our own cash – regardless of the condition or location. We do all the other stuff later. Although we specialize in buying houses in Las Vegas, NV; we’ve worked in many other surrounding cities in Nevada as well as nation-wide.

So once again, forget about cleaning or fixing anything in your house, we’ll take it off your hands as is – and for the amount of cash you deserve.

Get An Offer For Your House Within 24 Hours

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